Technical Training

Technical Training CPD and Third-Party Inspection

Al Bakheet General Contracts (BGC) have a strong, dynamic, and focused engineering, management, and leadership training, inspection and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) team of business professionals and industrialists continually driving the organization forward. Our integrated multi-disciplinary team of executives, multi-discipline inspectors, UT instructors, and QA/QC and safety supervisors undertake the most challenging and complex assignments.

Our trainers and consultants have experienced the challenges of training world-class talent and development of specialist skills, enabling them to understand and respond to the requirements from various clients.

Currently we are delivering both core and bespoke programs to help both the governmental and private organizations on both corporate and individual levels to achieve the optimum business operations results.

our programs are delivered by practicing industry and profession experts and are available both in-company and at different venues all over Iraq.

In-company Training

Most of our programs can be run in-house, at a time and place that suits your company. Our objective is to be your preferred training provider and success partner.

If you need to develop group of employees in the same program, in-company training is a more cost-effective option, with the added advantage that the program can be adapted to suit your own operational processes.

Email us to discuss your requirements and request a detailed technical and financial proposal.

Technical Safety Engineering

Technical Safety Studies:
• HAC (Hazard Area Classification)
• Prevention of Fire and Explosion, and Emergency Response (PFEER)
• Emergency Escape and Rescue Analysis (EERA)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

BGC aim is to support its clients in their professional development and we strongly encourage them to maintain an active approach to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) whether this is to maintain existing competencies or to develop new ones.

BGC can help in designing the career path to your employees that help to track and monitor the CPD program and the advancement of your employees’ competencies.

Some of CPD program benefits are:

• Cost effective to your company’s training and development budget
• Saving the workforce working hours. No need for your employees to leave the work to attend the training
• The opportunity to gain consultive training sessions while working on the same projects. This will highly empower your team by working directly on the same work cases and get direct guidance and training!
• Transferring the required skills and experience directly into the workplace
• The ability to build up and develop the right career path to your employees, which will increase the Return On Investment (ROI)

Third Party

BGC scope of specialized inspection services includes but not limited to:

1. Third Party Inspection and Expediting Services:
Static equipment – Pressure vessels, heat exchanger, reactor, column, tank farm etc Rotating equipment – Pumps, compressor, turbines, screw conveyors, motor, generator etc Material handling - Cranes, hoists, conveyors, escalators etc Components – Valves, pipe & fittings, flanges, LR bends, linepipe & pipeline etc
The above items are inspected & certified against various national & international standards

2. All types of non-destructive testing (NDT).

3. Mechanical testing and metallurgical services.

4. Welding procedure writing/qualification & welders testing qualifications/ Certifications.

5. Computerized ultrasonic mapping inspection.

6. Complete storage tanks inspection (walls & floors) utilizing:
a) Silver wing floor map scanning equipment.
b) Acoustic emission testing of tanks and pressure systems

7. Leak detection and testing.

8. Pipeline inspection.

9. Third party/vendor inspection.

10. Quality Assurance and Quality Control services.

11. Supply of technical staff for all types of construction projects and On-stream activities to include but not limited to the followings:
- QA/QC personnel
- Construction inspectors
- Various engineers


1. Turnaround Inspection:
For complete turnaround support, BGC provides experienced personnel, technical resources, equipment, and project management. Royal Crown is large inventory of advanced testing equipment and technical programs are designed to meet all your inspection requirements. Experienced project managers ensure that your turnaround is completed smoothly and on schedule.

2. Refinery Equipment Inspection:
• Inspection of all areas of plants
• Pressure Vessels & Drums
• Piping & Headers
• Towers & Reactors
• Internal Trays
• Heat Exchangers
• Fired Heaters, Furnace Boilers
• Valves & Pumps
• Separators & Regenerators
• Rotating Equipment
• Crane Hooks & Lifting Equipment
• Storage Tank

3. Wet Magnetic Inspection Program

4. Heat Exchanger Inspection Program

5. Tank Integrity Program:
• External Visual Inspection
• Vacuum Box Testing of the floor seams
• Ultrasonic for thickness and weld integrity
• Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant Testing for material integrity
• Positive Material Identification (PMI)
• Metallurgical Analysis
• Failure Analysis
• Weld Procedure Qualification
• Welder Certification
• Engineer Review, Calculations and Recommendations

6. On-Stream Inspection Program

7. Portable Alloy Analysis (PMI) Applications:
• Receiving inspection
• In-Service inspection
• Failure analysis
• Material sorting
• Material salvage operations

8. Vendor Surveillance Program

9. Internal bore Ultrasonic Services

10. Surface Replication

11. Engineering Services

12. Mid-Wall Creep Fissure Detector